Dress for Beginners

This course has been designed specially for total beginners.If you have a little or no sewing experience and would like to start learning dressmaking and make your first perfect dress, this course is for you!

Lesson 1: Introduction to sewing
This beginners sewing session is aimed at learners who’ve never used a sewing machine or need a simple straightforward refresher.
You will complete a simple cushion cover with the zip fastening learning all the skills required to sew more ambitious projects.

Lesson 2: Bespoke dress pattern adjustment 
Useful for those just starting dressmaking as well as those who have more experience and want to make custom patterns.
For an extra £15 we offer to make a bespoke pattern, using your measurements so that it could fit anyone perfectly. Any design can be made however we encourage simpler designs for your first dress.

We recommend taking advantage of this as commercial patterns are produced using standard measurements. These take a long time to adjust and the extra time taken will result in your project taking longer than 6 sessions to complete. (These extra sessions are not included in the course price and will need to be booked separately.)

Lesson 3, 4, 5, 6 : 
In these lessons you will be shown:

  • How to use your own pattern to make a dress toile from the calico fabric,

  • Learn to cut and put together whole dress,

  • You will learn all essential techniques, such as how to finish the neckline, to put in a  and do the hem by hand or on the machine.

  • Also you will learn how to use an over-locker to give your dress a professional finish.

Length of the course - 18 hours over 6 weeks
Cost of the materials are not included.
Cost of the pattern, calico fabric and materials for the cushion you will be making on your first session are not included in the price of the course, you could bring your own or buy it from our design studio.

You will need to buy your own dress material and a zip ready for the lesson 3, the advice on all you need to get will be given in the first lesson.

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