Jersey Dress Course

The jersey dress course is for those who have some dressmaking experience. We advise to our students who want to make a dress from jersey to make one first out of woven fabric, as this will give them the knowledge and skills to construct and fit a dress properly. 

Jersey fabric is a brilliant material to work with. It usually comes with some stretch which makes it easier to fit, reducing the time needed for your project, especially once you've had some practise. 

We will teach you how to make your dress using an over-locker. This machine can help you finish your project quicker and it will look professionally finished. 

You may need a new pattern for your Jersey dress as the fabric behaves differently to woven fabric. The cost of this bespoke pattern is £15 and is made using your measurements. 

We recommend taking advantage of this as commercial patterns are produced using standard measurements. These take a long time to adjust and the extra time taken will result in your project taking longer than 4 sessions to complete. (These extra sessions are not included in the course price and will need to be booked separately.)

Course length - 12 hours over 4 weeks

Cost of materials not included. 

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